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Stitched Panoramic Photography is an area of technical photography that offers clients the opportunity to employ a unique image style as part of their product advertising, design implementation or brand marketing and promotion. Because of its long and narrow format and the very high resolution of the images, panoramic images are well suited to producing very large prints and offering unique design solutions in graphics,display design, interior design and advertising.

Typically a panoramic render image will far exceed the angle of view of the human eye and have a level of detail and information many times that of a single DSLR wide angle view of the same scene without the distortion normally associated with wide angle photography. The panoramic images I provide are created from multiple full frame DSLR individual images which are seamlessly stitched together to create a view that cannot be captured with an equivalent degree of detail, perspective and final resolution by any other method.

A specialized tripod system in conjunction with lens/camera specific calculations is employed that allows a scene to be captured in overlapping sequences of multiple columns and rows of images which are rendered as a single photographic image.

I am pleased to offer custom panoramic photography solutions to :

architects // landscape architects // urban planners // environmental designers // graphic designers and related industries.

Providing creative solutions to your image use needs, I am available for travel to realize your project requirements and am fully insured onsite.

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